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About Aeronautica

Aeronautica Unlimited was formed in 2017 to cater for the increasing demand for charter connectivity out of the Garden Route and Little Karoo. It since grew into a Company recognised to create bespoke charter solutions both locally and across the globe.


Strategically based at George Airport it is ideally positioned to connect the Western & Eastern Cape to Southern Africa and the World. The unparalleled quality of life and pristine natural environment has led to George being the fastest growing City in South Africa and air connectivity allows major Corporations and/or key personnel to relocate to the area. The Company specialises in Charter services to the corporate and tourism industries as well as aircraft management services to discerning aircraft owners.


Strategic global partnerships enable the Company to cater to every need of its clients. Whether it be a weekend trip into the Okavango Swamps, a 3-week African Safari or a personalised business trip to Rome. 


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